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Echo Go The touchscreen experience

Echo Go is the easiest and most engaging way to collect instant customer
feedback. You can understand what’s working and what’s not,
and being in tune with your customers’ experience can help transform
your business. With Echo Go, you can get feedback exactly when
and where you need it, in real-time. You can also connect feedback
data with demographic information.

People who are excited about the awesome features offered

Complete view of customer experience

The key to making the right decisions for your business is in the ability to collect trustworthy, relevant data. Here’s what makes our Smiley Touch unique:

High response rates

Efficient feedback system with high response time for prompt customer feedback and improved satisfaction.

In-the-moment feedback

Real-time customer feedback collection for enhanced business insights and improvements.

Understand reasons

User-friendly feedback platform for businesses to understand their target audiences.

Connect to target audience

Echo facilitates meaningful connections with target audiences through versatile feedback collection, analysis, and tailored improvement.

Never stay out of touch with your customers.

Understand root causes of satisfaction or dissatisfaction and connect it to the time and place to proactively improve your performance.

Eliminate blind spots and develop your operations

Does this sound familiar?

  • I can’t capture enough continuous feedback
  • It’s impossible to find out the root causes of service issues
  • It’s not clear how to take action on the feedback data

Echo is the easiest, most engaging way to collect instant customer feedback and find out why people buy or do not buy from you. Understand what works, and what doesn’t, to improve the customer experience and transform your business.

A robust application with top-notch analytics

Echo includes our easy-to-use, Analytics software that lets you understand the reasons behind customer feedback and the needed focus areas to improve operations.

Get a continuous flow of learnings on your performance that your team can easily follow and apply. EchoFeed includes our easy-to-use, Analytics software that lets you understand the reasons

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