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A robust way to get customer's feedbacks

Collect simple customer feedback throughout their journey, improve their experience to drive real change.

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Why use Echo to collect feedback?

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  • Get closer to your customers

    Get closer to your customers

    Satisfied customers help grow your business. Improve the customer experience by engaging satisfied customers and probing further with disgruntled customers to provide better service delivery. Turn your customer feedback into.

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  • Actionable Analytics powered by A.I

    Actionable Analytics powered by A.I

    Analytics enables you to research trends and pinpoint exact times and places of service decline. Using the AI-powered analytics you can analyze your past and current performance, and make more informed improvement decisions for the future.

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  • Offline Functionality

    Offline Functionality

    For situations where the devices cannot have an always-on network connectivity. Valuable data should not be lost.

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Echofeed has the best way of collecting customer’s feedback and managing them in one place. Truly an awesome platform. Cheers to the team!
Audrey Selormey Audrey Selormey, Buka Restaurant

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What is Echofeed?

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