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Delivering Value to Your Customer Can Be Simple

Written By Echo

Today’s customer has been described as unpredictable, unforgivable and hard to please. While that may be true about the evolving human behavior of today’s digitally savvy customer, there is an equal reaction – or to better describe it, a solution – that can help to deliver excellent customer experiences that many buyers are simply craving today.

In a 2021 Forbes article, several bold predictions are made for the future of customer experience. One prediction which seems obvious but highly ignored by many businesses is that “The future of CX is to refocus businesses on customer value.” The customer defines what value is to them. How do we know this? Pick up your phone and log onto your favorite social media account. Go to any business page and read both negative and positive comments left by people, who by the way are likely to be new and existing customers. Every comment, whether good or bad, points out something that the business is doing exceptionally well or that they could be doing better. Customer value is defined by Qualtrics as “the customer’s perception of the worth of your product or service. Worth can mean several things: the benefit these products or services provide to your target market, or the value for money they offer.” Although one may argue that each customer defines value differently, there are a few common things of value that a majority of customers identify with. A business that can deliver on these things is the one that succeeds with sales  and engagement with its customers.

The accelerated growth of the digital space has opened up many avenues for customers to engage with businesses. While this may seem like a positive thing, many enterprises have been negatively affected by the openness of digital channels, specifically social media channels that are being used as avenues by customers to leave feedback. Chron shares this: “Social media is an enormous conversation everyone is invited to join; with all that talk, it’s difficult for businesses to track statements about their brand that are negative or even defamatory. With social media, you have the added burden of tracking statements and responding when necessary; the response, however, might be of limited effect if the negative statement has already made the social media rounds.”

There are various ways to catch the heat from your customer before they can tell the general public about your shortcomings. The presence of feedback collection systems either digitally or physically present within the engagement/sale processes of your businesses allows customers to tell you how they feel, what they feel and sometimes how to offer better value. Qualitative insight has supported the betterment of many services and products, and even helped to develop new products as a way of increasing value.

We want to help you offer greater value to your customers, and that’s why we have taken the time to build a customer feedback collection system that is fun, easy and simple to use. Even better, Echo helps you to put to good use all the sentiments communicated by your customers by using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics that can help you make infrared future decisions about the measures to put in place as solutions. Our value proposition to you is to help you better understand your interactions with customers and even preempt problems in their customer journeys. Learn more about Echo.